Beach Cruiser Maintenance

The Chain

Mud, soil and salt dilute can break bicycle parts. The chain will last any longer with intensive cleaning and grease on a standard calendar. Preceding cleaning your chain guarantee you have the correct instruments for the activity. A decent degreaser, Simple Green functions admirably, won’t harm the chain. A chain brush or old toothbrush to scour. A towel for wiping of oil. What’s more, obviously chain grease for relubing the chain once the chain is cleaned. To clean the chain blend 1 section water with 1 section degreaser. You can blend this into a basin or glass. Plunge the toothbrush or chain brush into the degreaser blend. Scour the anchor and sprockets to expel any developed oil or garbage. Once cleaned wipe down the chain and sprockets. To lube the affix it is prescribed to splash the lube while turning the back tire. I prescribe lubing every single moving part and joints of the chain. Wipe up any entrance lube when chain oil is finished.


Check the brake cushions to guarantee they are not unreasonably worn. On the off chance that well used and not reaching supplant the brake cushions. On the off chance that your bicycle has a hand brake at that point clean the brake link. Guarantee there isn’t inordinate oil or flotsam and jetsam developed toward the finish of the link.

Derailer (If 7 speed bicycle)

The derailer can be cleaned like the chain. The derailer does not have to greased up. It will require degreasing if there is over the top develop of oil or flotsam and jetsam.


It is prescribed to check the tire weight before each ride. Tires can lose weight overnight. Get a not too bad floor pump and check every day. The PSI (pounds per square inch) will be demonstrated in favor of the tire. It is additionally a smart thought to take a gander at the tires and check for harm or over the top wear. Appropriately expanded and kept up tires will last more.

Bicycle Lubrication

The accompanying territories should be greased up at any rate yearly: Derailers, All levers, All links, Any moving parts of the chain.

Likewise check every nuts, fastener, situate stem and handle bar stem for releasing and over the top wear. This ought to be done in any event every year except all the more frequently if riding in sloppy, sandy or wet regions.

Clean your bicycle regularly to keep it running great and looking decent. A decent teflon or silicone bicycle clean will keep up your bicycle sheen, influence it to look awesome and help secure the paint. Basically spotless the bicycle with water, take after the means above for keeping up your chain, brake and tires at that point apply clean. Appreciate the Ride!